The needs of the artist are my guide to getting where we both want to be: done and paid! 

Whether it is lighting for even tones and surfaces with one dimensional art, lighting as if setting up for a portrait in the case of sculpture, or creating an even toned light source across an installation, I’ve done it. 


I've been doing art reproduction for almost four decades. I began doing lighting for film and video before opting for the quieter life of photography.

I would add Painter to my list of understood languages. I have an ability to bridge the terminology gap between the disciplines to most effectively get the results the artist requests within the capabilities of photography. What would be complete gibberish to most photographers, easily translates in my brain to action. I understand not just the interactions between light and pigment, but also the complications of pigment plus lighting plus digital capture. I am also endlessly fascinated with process and work hard so that this is not lost.

•    •    •


I am mostly built to go to the art, as opposed to having the art come to me. I come to your studio or gallery fully equipped (in terms of equipment and experience) for a range of scenarios and needs. I mostly work within a half hour drive of Tivoli, NY. If it is needed for me to go beyond that range, an hourly rate for travel will be added. Travel time involving more than an hour each way will be considered on a case by case basis.


In the vast majority of situations, I can finish all corrections and formatting of our work together within the parameters included in my hourly rate. Every now and then, special techniques or extended attention needs to be applied to a group of images.

File Life

To the best of my ability, I keep our digital work backed up in triplicate and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. You can have some comfort in knowing that your original images can be accessed within minutes on my server. I throw nothing out. Just ask my wife…

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